addi-Express ... Combination Technique (englisch)

addi Express ... Combination Technique

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  addi-Express ... Combination Technique We all know knitting is fun, but with the new... mehr
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addi-Express ... Combination Technique

We all know knitting is fun, but with the new combination technique it`s something completely different. In this book you´ll learn how to combine traditional knitting by hand with the super-fast knitting from the addi Express loom. In no time you can quickly and easily create not only socks, but also stylish accessoires like scarves, caps and gauntlets. The show-stopper is introducing knit felting with the combination technique. You can use it to create one of a kind pieces that are both warm and comfy as well as eye-catching.

The Combination Technique

  • combines traditional knitting with sets of double-pointed needles and jacket knitting needles with the lightning fast knitting on the addi Express
  • makes it easy to create your own new favourite pieces - even for beginners
  • can create everything from athletic to elegant, both classics as well as trendy new fashions

Find your inspiration with intructions for

  • Socks (for sizes approx. 35-45)
  • felt slippers (for kids and adults)
  • accessoires for young and old, large and small
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